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AdoptWalk 2016 Partners

The ACC is pleased to introduce our 2016 partner:


The OCR Academy is an obstacle training facility dedicated to total human improvement. OCR Academy is about empowerment - coaches are trained to assist people in improving their nutritional, lifestyle habits and self-efficacy, which are all critical to the success in races and in daily life. 

The OCR Academy is a 6,000 sqf facility with over 30 obstacles, 7 squat racks and free weights. They are also grounded in functional bodyweight exercise to improve agility, athleticism and power while incorporating weight training. OCR is for ALL fitness levels - and assists participants physically and mentally on the journey to total human improvement! 

If you're motto is "Pain is Temporary", this total human improvement centre is for you!

Associate Partners

Jockey Being Family 

Founded in 2005 by Jockey International Chairman and CEO Debra Waller, 

The Jockey Being Family® Foundation, Ltd., is a 501(c)(3) private charity that believes every child deserves to grow up knowing he or she will spend a lifetime as part of a loving family. Founded in 2005 by Jockey International Chairman and CEO Debra S.Waller, who was adopted as an infant, Jockey Being Family (JBF) is Jockey International’s corporate initiative to help adoptive families stay together forever by raising awareness and providing funding and support for post-adoption services and national or local adoption related non-profit organization.

As a generous supporters of the adoption community, Jockey has:

  • Donated more than $6 million to adoption organizations
  • Has more than 10,000 employeee volunteer hours
  • More than 75% of Jockey employees have participated
  • Distributed more than 18,000 backpacks throughout the U.S. (7,000 backpacks to 2,300 families in Wisconsin)
  • Directly impacted more than 325,000 families in North America
  • Identified more than 5,000 issue champions via the Community Champions Network
  • Awarded more than 250 scholarships to the North American Council on Adoptable Children
  • Awarded more than 5,000 scholarships to the Center for Adoption Support and Education for adoptive parent training, workshops and webinars. 


Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) is non-profit community organization funded by the Government of Ontario, legally mandated to protect children and youth from abuse and neglect.

The CAS is one of over 46 agencies across the province regulated by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and governed by the Ontario Child and Family Services Act (CFSA).

Mission: The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa is committed to protecting the children and youth of our community from abuse and neglect.
We work in collaboration with community partners to ensure their well-being and to strengthen the capacity of families and the communities in which they live.